Yuki theater video request privileges


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Too many players are receiving bans for video request that are unintentional. I understand rules are rules but I don't believe all players deserve to be kicked out of the server. My idea is that players are restricted to request videos for a certain amount of time, I believe that this system will lower frequent ban rates and will keep most players happy, I do understand to a certain extent that a ban is necessary. But ban is a harsh way to look at it, and Ill probably have a bunch of people I know who would agree. . Love Phoenix
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We have a warning system in place. Players are not banned until they receive at least one warning, but typically more than that. This is how we prevent new players from being banned because of accidental neglect of the rules. While players are warned, they are also told to read the rules; if they do not comply afterwards, it's on them.
Hi there phoenix.
Thank you for taking the time to make this suggestion thread.
I'd like to outline some things about it so you can get a better understanding of how we handle things here.
First and foremost the videos people play are moderated through the video logs.
If an unruly video were to play that person who played it would be punished accordingly for it.
These punishments do not always result in a ban straight out. That would be quite unfair, for new and returning players alike who may have not had knowledge on our rules or who have accidentally queued the video. It's quite rare for players to be banned for one offence alone and this is only done in extreme cases. We do take into consideration the circumstances behind the videos being queued, looking for force skips or if they've removed the video from the queue on their own. These situations we will inform the player of what they've done wrong and give them a warning. Our warning system is what we use to give a fair amount chances to our players before deciding whether or not they will deserve a ban.
I don't think a time restriction for new players before queuing videos would be a good idea. When they join the server they are greeted with the rules sign, a heads up to type /rules given in the loading screen and a warning that queuing videos against the rules may result in a ban. All that along with our warning system in place to inform players who may have ignored the rules there shouldn't be any need to restrict new players. Would be best if those who join may use the theaters as intended with nothing to turn them off from staying here such as a time restriction. All in all it's up to the users to read the rules, if they choose to ignore them then there's nothing we can do about that aside from informing them about them on our own.