Invalid Yuki Location Issues

Is anyone else experiencing issues with this new update?

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Kawaii Believe It

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Summary of Issue Encountered
Location bugs between room changes
Location bugs at elevation changes
Location is bugging between Client-Server
Plausible prop boundary changes

Expected Result
Smooth Client-Server communication of my HUD
Improved communication with specific bones on the model

Actual Result
Random warps on map
Client stuns for the server to remap my location
Prop boundary changes
HUD randomly flashes
Server communication is causing a constant lag - Like the server keeps requesting information

Steps to Reproduce
Change your elevation
Change locations
Sprint/Change location of HUD

Screenshots/Error(s) in Console (if applicable) of the Issue

I would like to add the comment, that my client was fine about a day or two ago with no issues. I showed in the video that it is not a performance issue. Sorry for a lengthy video. Had to state some key points, get the warp to randomly occur, experiment to find probable cause. Even rejoining the server did not assist.
The video you provided does not provide any evidence of the Location System acting abnormally. It may take longer than usual in some situations to switch your Location, but this is simply due to whatever amount of load the Server is under at that moment. The "pushing back," as you claim, is what's known as "Rubberbanding" and happens due to lag as well. However, the occurrence of rubberbanding was possible before the new Location System was deployed, thus making this report Invalid.
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