Yay introductions

Hello, you've may have seen me more on yuki these past few weeks. You also may know me as "Cute Ky", damn you Twinky/Turbie, and also may have heard me nyaning with sailor at some point in time. (Thanks for freaking out my cat winter....not)

Anyways, I'm in the Navy, I load and program the weapons on planes in the middle of a deep blue sea....if I'm deployed. If not you can find me on yuki and never wearing red, you know never wear red off the ship....Star Trek...yeah.

Umm, if you find your way into my private theater or a theater I'm in, I'm usually not paying attention to the screen at all. So sorry if you've said something to me and I responded late or not at all, but you can usually find me listening to music, watching anime, or some movies. Yes, somethimes I credit whore, but pat is the biggest credit whore I know. ;)

That's all because there's not much to me other than I'm Ky, and yeah. (Is it just me or does the new forums feel like Facebook)
Sup Ky, welcome to the forums.
A friend of mine wanted to be part of the Navy, though I wonder why he stopped :l
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Ky ^^ I still need to start watch that korean drama you showed me but I never got around to it...Anyways Welcome to the forums~