Invalid Xenforo Forum Bug

Sinful Mario

Summary of Issue Encountered
You receive a whole lot of spam from the forums. And unchecking the email option does nothing.
I have already tried unchecking all of alert preferences but this only applies to forums.

Expected Result
Unchecking "and receive email notifications of replies" and saving is supposed to not send anymore notifications via email.

Actual Result
Unchecking "and receive email notifications of replies" and saving will still continue to spam your email.
Does absolutely nothing.

Steps to Reproduce
Just attempt to uncheck and save, then check your email if you still receive any notifications.

Screenshots/Error(s) in Console (if applicable) of the Issue
Odd. I don't get any Emails at all and I've been trying to figure out why lol.

I'll take a look.
FFFFFFFF- I'll trade ya!
I am having the same problem.

Edit: Nope, nevermind. It's only sending me emails for ones I posted in before disabling it.
Exactly. I think it's the default is why, and every thread you've participated in already has it due to that.
I really don't mind since it takes less than one minute to delete the e-mails.
Also Fluffy, Muffet, and I were laughing on the idea of people getting 50 notifications on Sinful's 50 count game.
Hehehe sorry :p
You can also change it in your preferences so it doesn't automatically start emailing you alerts when you watch a thread or make a thread