Denied Will's 2nd ban appeal

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The last Neet

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Steam Username
Here is my steam id STEAM_0:0:50955239

Length of Ban


Staff Member that Banned You


Ban Reason

Civil Unrest, Real Life Death, Multiple Past Offenses, Permanent, Log ID:1318035

Why You Should Be Unbanned

First I am sorry for not taking my last ban appeal seriously
I realize what I did in the past was immature but I thought it was funny and still do I am not sorry for my past actions (besides the fake appeal) but I can say that if given another chance I will not break any more rules
Hello again Will. Like before, your ban reason is as follows:

Real Life Death, Civil Unrest:

As a reminder, your last appeal was denied due to me not believing that you were unaware of what was in the video, which is still true. It was also denied due to how it was not taken seriously. You say you apologize for that, yet you say you're not sorry for the video in question, and that your appeal last time was "funny". I don't see the comedy in not taking this process seriously. You may as well have not appealed it at all. Due to you being banned for 6 months at this point, I decided to go through your history on the server to see if I could find any redeeming qualities, and I was less than impressed. Your taste in "comedy" and choice in videos makes me believe that you just don't fit in to the community here. Due to these reasons I will be denying this appeal as well.

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