When Did You Start Gaming? and what was your first game and platform

When I started gaming, it was on Windows 95.
I would play on the Floppy Disks and this would include games like Frogger and more and I was around 2 or 3 at the time.

Then as I got older, I got into Playstation and I was gaming on that for a while, especially when the Playstation 1 hit and I got that and started playing games like Crash Bandicoot and Spypro and more.
Man this is hard to remember, the gaming consoles I remember playing when I was young were ps2,n64, and gamecube. So I was around 4-6 when I first started playing them. Nothing was more fun than gta san andreas on the ps2 for the 6 year old me.
I've been playing games basically since I was born. I started on NES then moved to PlayStation in 98. After a few years, I ended up getting a Nintendo 64 and a few games for it. I also went through a few Gameboy Advances and then got an SP which still (mostly) works. I've had a Nintendo handheld from every generation since GBA. DSi is the only I got on launch, and also the most disappointing of the bunch. Now I play mobile on a first run 3DS model.
Just recently I've acquired several PS2 consoles and built up a small collection of games for them. I've also softmodded them. I softmod any console I can.
I also now own a Wii which is softmodded as well.

Years ago I also had a really old PC which also had some derpy dos games on it, but it was entertaining.

TL;DR, First console I owned myself was an original PlayStation with a box full of games. First I played was NES.
I started gaming when I was 4 years old and in pre-school. I was playing Call of Duty and Battlefield 2 on the PC my family had at the time. I am glad I've moved on from CoD, though I do still play Battlefield.
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