What truely facinates you about space?

Would you go to space if you could?

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Sinful Mario

What I am truly fascinated with space is black holes.

They are mathematical mysteries and a physical mystery itself. They violate the laws of physics. They are indeed beautiful after they eat a star. Scary at the same time, they can actually swallow up another black hole.

Here is a video of black holes. (Made into a catchy song!)

The fact we know absolutely nothing about space and everyone who literally researches space is like this
For me it's the unknown. There's just a vast expanse of which we know virtually nothing about. It'd be a great adventure and there's an almost guaranteed chance of seeing something no one has ever seen before. I suppose the same can be said about Earth's oceans if one were to want to explore them in-depth.
I guess I agree with that as well. I also want to discover this legendary "white holes". I wish I had the money, time, and knowledge to actually go to space to find these unknown curiosities * -*
I'm curious about what we cannot see yet, aka beyond the observable universe. At the moment space to us is just a view from the past, we don't know what distance stars actually look like cause of how long light takes to travel. Who knows what we'll find when we get that far :p
The day we can actually jump via wormhole.
We will never really experience space satisfyingly.
But still going out there looking back on earth and looking out onto the vastness of space going, "There's way more".
Also agree with Sophie on our ocean's depth.
Seeing what's down there is almost like exploring an alien world.
Space both intrigues me but also scares the living shit out of me. Its so cool but yet how did it begin, what happened before the big bang is it an endless loop of time? Is space destined to explode, implode and explode again? I would love to go to space maybe in a distant future where it becomes a much safer more common means of travel.
Space helps me feel better about my life because I realize stuff n things have been happening before humans and will continue to happen way after humans. Live life the best you can for now because any bad going on doesn't mean anything in the long run.
All of it fascinates me.
So much that i'm considering going for the field of astronomy and astrophysics at Iowa next year.

As I understand, space is full of impossibly cool shit always just outside our reach that I want to visit all the time. I want to see big immense Gas Giants with planets orbiting around it. I want to see what kind of life is possible out on other earth-like planets. I want to observe Quasars and watch a black hole completely absorb a sun. I want to land on a planet that orbits an even larger one and see said planet looming over the sky.
There's so many possibilities out there, and for me it's the biggest source of adventure even possible for mankind anymore. I am fascinated that we haven't even seen 0.01% of the observable Universe yet, and I want to be able to see it all.
Video games appear to be the only thing in my lifetime (unless it's true that our new generations may live a long time) that will even get me close to that experience.
Elite Dangerous seems to be the closest to that, but the planetary landing doesn't have atmospheres/ skies yet, so until that comes out, I wont be awed. No Man's Sky will hopefully have it done pretty well. The day it happens for Elite: Dangerous is the day I buy my Oculus Rift, so I can just jump out of my ship, walk along the surface, and look up to behold the gigantic magnificence of an insanely large planet.

Space is my version of art.
I just want to observe it.
I've already made a declaration.

If ever in my life there are job opening that include me going into space for colonization on a ship or a space navy (I CAN DREAM). I am going to quit everything else in life, and just go work on getting me a ticket into space.
Hey Muffinz, have you heard of Universe Sandbox ²?
I have a few hours logged into it.
It's pretty fun, but not nearly as technical as it claims to be.
Hopefully it improves a lot more, else it feels like an HD version of Universe Sandbox 1/v2 (their naming is weird) with better simulated surfaces and the ability to affect properties of planets more in-depth.

Plus, they still haven't fixed the timescale bug that plagued the first game (when lots of intense stuff happens, it forces the timescale to something really slow).

I'm a really big space game nut.
That's why I like Eve Online, Dead Space (story was great too), Homeworld Remastered, Space Engine, Elite Dangerous, etc.

Still haven't played any of the X games which are apparently pretty good (look like a bore).
One thing's for sure.

Space is a lot darker than it's perceived to be - You need only look at one of the comments about the Lunar landing being a hoax, which states that the man on the Moon photos don't even show the Stars.
I like the mystery of space. We know so little yet in emcompasses us. We have yet to really explore in depth our own solar system, who knows what really lies out there. Different ecosystems and environments, if space were easily and safely explorable, i'd love to go on that adventure. It'd be like louis and clark being the first people from America seeing all this basically untouched land. But the dying in the cold vacuum of space would probably be one of the worst ways to go. It'd probably be akin to drowning in sensation, that's why I always thought the people going on those early space missions were very brave. I dunno, it's like as of right now we really don't know a whole lot, i'd love to be alive the day we do get to that point but I probably won't :/