Web Frameworks, GMod, and You: Part Two


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Hello there! If you don't know, over the last few days, YukiTheater has been encountering several issues with all of our Video Services. These are mostly resolved, except for the fact that Kiss services no longer support seeking, Twitch VODs don't sync players anymore, and YouTube's watermark is now permanently large/visible.

At the core of all of these issues is the Web Framework in Garry's Mod, known as Awesomium. Awesomium is what allows developers to load web pages and web content in GMod, and in Cinema, it is what powers all of the theater screens and the "preview thumbnails" that you see outside of the auditoriums. It's what powers the whole thing.

Unfortunately, Awesomium is very old (based on Chrome 18, which was released in 2012) and doesn't support many of the new features that power videos and multimedia in the modern age of HTML5, forcing us to use Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player, as I'm sure you've heard, is being phased out of almost everything nowadays including YouTube, Twitch, and even entire web browsers such as Google Chrome. This all puts us in a pretty bad situation.

So what's the solution to it?

Well, there's a few solutions, but anything that's permanent and easy for players and developers requires the help of GMod's devs. That's why we, as a community, are throwing our support behind the request to Add an Alternative VGUI Browser Panel that uses the ISteamHTMLSurface API.

As such, I'd like to ask you all to Please Support That Request in the GitHub Issue that's linked above or in This Facepunch Thread. The more support that we get for this, the more likely it'll be that something will be done.

If you have anymore questions about this whole thing, please feel free to reply to this thread.

Love You All! <3

Edit: We've gotten a response from one of the Devs that says, firstly, that they aren't against the idea, and secondly, requesting that responses posted in the GitHub Issue be useful to the conversation. So please don't comment on it if you don't have something more to add than "+1" or "supporting this." Just Vote on the Original Post with a Thumbs Up to show support instead.
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