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I was banned for freekill.

My friend and I raided a base as a police officer because the printer person.
We were downstairs and he was up there shooting at us so we fought back.
My friend manages to kill him with a sniper so we go up to the elevator to get the printers but when the person respawns, he removes the base, so we take fall damage. The person started throwing printers on the mountain, so I killed him.

Following this, when putting the printers in the police cars, a Moderator banned us for 2 days from the police and 1 day from the server.

My website:
My website with my friends:
Discord username: Maxouuuuu.#7316

Steam : STEAM_1:1:113044324 / https:/

My discord:
It looks like you have the wrong server. Your Steam ID doesn't exist in our database, and we don't have base building/roles like police in any of our gamemodes.
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