Denied unban plz?

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MLGeno The PoonHunter69

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Steam Username: MLGeno The PoonHunter69

Length of Ban: 9 days

Staff Member that Banned You: Pants

Ban Reason: Disturbing, Harassment, Trolling, Spoiling, Tease

Why You Should Be Unbanned: I was just chilling with 5 of my boies in a private theater playin some dank memeronis for about 30 mins but then outta the blue mid vid i get hit with all these ban reasons. Im sitting here like k den. Nothing i played was "Disturbing" in no way was I harrasing any of my "friends" i dont even get the "Trolling" i mean once again was just with a bunch of friends. The only thing i did wrong was play a fate/kallide lesbian sceen but my friends skipped it b4 anything happend (P.S all that happens is they kiss *OMG RIGHT*)because it was 4mins long. So ya, I just got a sexy ass skin and i wanna show sum hot men my pantsu so plz unban k?
Alright, so first off let me list the reason for you ban.
Disturbing, Harassment, Trolling, Spoiling, Tease, 9 Days, Log IDs: 1238155, 1239852, 1243282, 1243274
These are the videos related to the ban.

Regarding the harassment, trolling, and spoiling. All were done on the 27th. You were with a friend harassing a guest who was playing chess. You were told by staff to stop. You also were spoiling all of the secret locations via mic in karaoke. Shortly before the ban you were heard saying "Time to get banned." Immediately following this you started to queue the last two tease videos. Seeing how you were clearly trying to provoke staff into banning you, I don't see why you are attempting to appeal this now. You succeeded in your task. Also looking how sarcastic your appeal is made out to appear, it seems you are not taking this process seriously. Your friends skipping the video early doesn't help your case. If it had been you, it would have potentially gotten you a reduced time in your ban. However, seeing how it was not you, and you were deliberately instigating the ban by queuing videos you knew were against the rules, your time will not be reduced.

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