Reduced unban me part 4

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maybe if you uselss mods would actually look at the logs, youll find that im innocent, i know its only 3 more days and i can wait, but im just saying this for the future, if u not willing to do the work to find out if someones innocent or not, why do it at all? u wont even look at the logs, u trust someones word over solid proof, if i get a reply that isnt retarded, this will be my last thread, but if i get a retarded reply, ill make another
So I looked through the logs and you are correct. You were not, in fact, the one who said the n word, however, your mic spamming and your quarrel with Fabulous Princess still means that you'll have to deal with a 5 day ban instead of a 7 day ban.

Your new Unban Time is 20:26:38 on 02/02/17, Eastern Time. Hope to see you then.

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