Denied unban me part 2

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"me" saying the "n word" was me reporting someone saying the n word, i didnt disrespect at all

also i have been muted for mic spamming before, i dont know if i got any warnings though, from what i know it goes gag/mute -> warning -> kick -> ban, but mine went multiple gags/mutes -> false ban

ive only been muted/gagged
also an admin didnt do anything about the racism that the guy i reported did, nor was i warned for putting that in admin chat, or even talked to about

moose do ur job/ do ur research before u wave the ban hammer u power hungry retard
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As I told you before, A mod said you did it so i'm trusting his call on it. Being impatient with me and calling me a retarded after I said I would ask and that I don't do it for fun I feel like it would be a waste of my time and the server owners time too look through the logs. Its a one week ban, You'll live.

Once again.
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