Reduced Twinky's ban appeal

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Length of Ban
21 days

Staff Member that Banned You

Ban Reason
Anti-AFK, Civil Unrest, Tease, Disturbing, Third Ban, 21 Days, Log IDs:1587128, 1587114, 1571563

Why You Should Be Unbanned
> Anti-AFK
I was kicked by pat for anti-afk a month ago because I left a macro on from another server. Since then, I have removed the macro and have not had any repeated incidents. It was an honest mistake and apologize.
> Civil Unrest/Tease/Disturbing
On 8/17/16, I was warned by noire about a vine compilation that I queued not knowing it had so many things that broke the rules. Luckily, noire looked at it before it got to far and forced skipped it. He notified me of the video's content as I had left the theater and I apologized explaining to him that I was not aware and simply queued a random video because I was bored and needed credits.
So this is the last thing on my ban reason I think. So I queued this video in my private theater with one of my friends present. It was a meme that I was trying to understand. I didn't think it was too disturbing for a Private Theater, plus my theater was whitelisted for only me and my friend, so we watched it through. After the video, I still didn't understand it so I queued a compilation of the meme to try to really comprehend the meme. After like less than a minute, I thought the content had gotten a little sketchy and forced skipped the video. I never heard anything about it until 3 days later I got banned so I apologize for my mistake and will be more careful about queuing compilations of memes and the sort because you never know what you are going to get.

>Third Ban
Please take into consideration the length between my bans. My first ban was more than a year ago I'm pretty sure and my second one was a while back as well. I just think it's important to note that. Thank you.
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Hey Twinky. So I've looked at your ban appeal. It seems to me that perhaps you didn't know how bad the compilation video was that you played, which is the main reason why I banned you. Although the Give that boy some milk video also breaks the rules, as it depicts a person high out of his mind and ends up smashing his face on a car and ground, and then appearingly being force fed water, it wasn't really that bad and I probably would have just warned you for that video. You did indeed skip the compilation video, which I will take into consideration, as well as the fact that you haven't been banned in a while and have explained your side of the story, but I must also take into consideration the things you've done/played in the last month or so. The only real problem I see now is that you did play videos/used macros that broke the rules. I will reduce your ban to 1 week instead of 3, but please try to watch what kind of videos you play in the future. Compilation videos are notorious for having a high rate of rule-breaking material, and they also like to hide rule-breaking material as well which can make them hard to detect when casually watching them. You really have to watch what you play and any binds/macros you may have. I'd also like to point out that whitelisting your theater doesn't exempt you from the rules we have. I hope you understand why I can't completely appeal this ban and that 7 days is more acceptable in light of your appeal. Your new unban date is September 8th at 9:33pm.
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