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Okay so there are two ways to do this first is my way second is the way that Mothership has set it up.

1. bind <key> cl_drawhud 0 (To disable the chat)

bind <key> cl_drawhud 1 (To re-enable the chat)

Now make sure you have one for on and one for off. This is because if you only have one for disabled you will never be able to re enable it because you will not be able to access console.

You must enter in both commands with proper binds

Now everyone can enjoy a movie without the mass chat spam/war

For people that are not used to binds use this
2. For anyone that does not understand the first way got to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\cfg" drop the hidechat.cfg from mothership then edit your autoexec.cfg and add exec hidechat.cfg the restart your game. To enable / disable press L


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Edited main post forgot to add the key for for enableing / disableing. I assure you its perfectly safe and easily reversible. Just delete hidechat.cfg and its back to normal.
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Just to reiterate what salty said, you do this at your own risk! If you don't follow the instructions exactly, using key bindings, you will break your game. Never use the commands in console directly!