TTurtle's Here


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Hey guys... TTurtle (or Turtle, or TT) Here XD.

I'm new to Yuki... and to be frank... I'm a basic b**** when it comes to anime.
(DBZ, Outlaw Star, Gundam Wing, .hack//sign, Zoids, FMA... I think that's it - sad I know.)
But hey... I'd like to learn XD.
I spend a lot of time doing nothing between work and sleep so someone suggest me something similar to what ive been into and work me into and anime buff like the rest of yall lol.
Welcome to the forums TTurtle, make sure to check out all the stuff we have to offer here.
There's a lot of people who loves anime here, maybe ask a few of them or soend more time on the YukiTheater server.
My recommendation at the moment is One Punch Man.
I remember seeing you on the server yesterday you seemed pretty cool ^^
Plus you're a turtle so you're awesome in my book :3
Welcome to the forums and enjoy the server <3