Accepted TittySprinkles Ban Appeal

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Steam Username

Length of Ban

Staff Member that Banned You
It was years ago i can't remember.

Ban Reason
There is no good way to put what i did honestly. I didn't read the rules and then somehow my friend and i got to talking about 9/11 in a conversation and i told him about the people who jumped from the building and he didn't believe me so i played the video to prove it to him. So basically a lack of common sense is what got my dumb ass banned.

Why You Should Be Unbanned

I have been banned for a few years now. I did this back when i was a kid and now i have friends that play on the server and they want me to join them. Oh and also i would just like to say i tried to explain to the admin what i was doing playing the video and it sort of escalated into an argument and he slapped into my ban that it was my second ban and then i threatened to ddos the server (Which i never had time to do.) but that's besides the point. Anyway sorry for what i did hope you guys can forgive me and that ill be playing with friends on your server once again. Thanks!!!
Hi there TittySprinkles. Thank you for taking time to make an appeal.
I'll be handling your ban appeal.

Here is your ban reason according to the ban logs:
9/11, Real Deaths, DDOS Threat, Second Ban, Perma Ban, Log ID\'s: 78557

It was carried out by an old admin of ours who is no longer with us, Treetotheworld.
Since it's been over 3 years it would seem you've blown all that past you by now, or at least I'd hope so.
I see no real reason to not let you back as long as you do not continue breaking any rules this time around.
Please take some time to review the rules posted here before you return.
If you're confused about anything or unsure about a video you'd want to play on the server please ask online mods.
You can reach them by using @ followed by your message. They'll be able to answer any questions you might have.
Your ban has been removed. Hope to see you soon.

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