Accepted TheDorkLord Ban appeal

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Steam Username: TheDorkLord

Length of Ban: Permanent

Staff Member: WinterPhoenix96

Ban Reason: Supposedly donated using a stolen credit card(Fraud)

I understand the rule is to not post a ban appeal within the first three months if It's a permanent ban but this is something that should be settled sooner than three months down the line.

Why I Should Be Unbanned: I was accused of donating with a stolen credit card. I most certainly did not donate with a stolen credit card, it is my own personal debit card with my name legal name and information on it. Winter, what can I do to prove this? If there's any way I will go to extensive lengths to prove it's mine.
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After some discussion, I've decided to give the benefit of the doubt here, as what data I have points that a malicious third party performed the transactions, rather than yourself. I will appeal this ban for now, however if further data suggests you did in fact make those transactions, you will be handed a permanent ban once again.

Sorry about the trouble!

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