The "N" word loophole

Enforcement on the word "Nigga"

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Okay I have created this thread to voice my opinion and others to voice their opinion upon this subject. I strongly believe that sometimes the word nigga gets out of hand on the server and should be treated as if you saying the actual word. It's a cheap loophole word just to not get in trouble.
Personally when I hear or see people use it I don't intervene. However there have been times I have seen it used excessively as a loophole as you say. I've told ppl to chill out with the overuse and have no problem telling someone to stop if people have a problem.

Basically falls back on using @ or coming here to report someone you feel is intentionally using the word hatefully.

Just my 2 cents
I feel that, since the word "nigga" was made and is used by the black community in order to "take back" the n-word, it should not be classified as a 'loophole' if people overuse it. In my opinion, it's similar to the word bro, and I hear people overuse bro in conversation a lot. Anyhow, that's just how I feel.
Just my two cents, on my (dying) tf2 server, I reached an agreement with the owner/founder and all other staff that any and all racial and discriminatory words would be an instant ban, reason being that there's a lot of people that play the game and come to the servers and a racist/discrimination free server is ALWAYS a plus (imho), but there's no room or a legitimate reason for racism and discrimination. In reference to the poll above, I lay in the minority but better to have the conversation and try to solve the problem or come to some conclusion than to just let this hang in the air with no solution.

Edit: All from the perspective of a small TF2 server admin...
I find the term obnoxious, both in how it's spelled or the context. The fact that making it "end with an a" is not offensive truly stuns me. Just don't say it at all, man. No controversy, no problem. Problem solved. Personally I only see this term come up when someone tries to provoke a response from another, usually for trolling reasons, and start a huge controversy, bigger than the actual situation itself.

That's my view on this "loophole", and why I stay away from that term.
Sorry about the very long delayed KBz | Silenthunter343. We've been internally debating this topic for awhile now and have come to a conclusion.

The use of the word "Nigga", is allowed when expressing non-racist context. We also ask that it not be used excessively. Excessive use will still result in a violation of our spam rules. However the use of the original word is still strictly forbidden. We understand the word has had it's own different cultural meanings that have evolved over the years and in this case we are trusting the community not to abuse the exemption.
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