The Corrupt-A-Wish Game


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This is a pretty common forum game, so I'm sure a few of you already know what it is, and how to play.

Basically, the first person makes a wish, then the next person grants the wish, but with some kind of unintended consequence . Then the second person makes their own wish, and the next person corrupts it, and so on.

Poster 1: "I wish for a taco!"

Poster 2: Granted, but your mouth falls off so you can't eat it.

"I wish for a monkey to be my man-servant!"

Poster 3: Granted, as a matter of fact, you get 20, but you are a tyrant as a master, and they start a monkey man-servant uprising and rebel against your harsh dictatorship.

"I wish for a lobster dinner"

And so on, I will start us here.

I wish I had a Philosopher Stone
Granted, but the rare amiibo is reprintded the next day and becomes the common amiibo.

I wish I could fly
Granted, a cure for cancer was found but caused a deadly side effect called "Super Cancer" which destroys the body within a week.

I wish for 10 apples
Granted, but one of your loyal soldiers kill you at night to become the new ruler. (I made a reference, I wonder if you can figure it out~)

I wish for 10 slurpees.
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