Someone has to stand up for slotchan (fake report)


(Staff member you are reporting)
(Time of incident)
Couple days ago I think
(Reason for reporting)
Owner abuse
(Relevant information/Evidence [Logs, Screenshots, etc])
Multiple people including myself witnessed Winter knowingly hacking slotchan for his own benefit
(Additional information/Comments)
Slotchan has been crying ever since it happened. She stopped eating credits and she tells me she gets triggered now anytime someone tugs on her delicate knob. I myself heard Winter laughing as he forced himself on her, taking advantage of her innocence. In efforts to sooth her newly formed ptsd, multiple members of the community attempted to make her feel better by force-feeding her in upwards of 100,000 credits at a time. However, slotchan had a mental breakdown and gave those credits (500k-/+) to a level 9 kleiner. I believe Winter has broken slotchan beyond any hope of returning to her true self. I demand that Winter updates the map, thereby giving slotchan a new home to live in, so she may not be triggered by her environment.
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For too long slotchan has felt the cruel hand of oppression
Pandasage found himself in a tight position, having to chose between his whore lover and his sexy bromance with Winter. Only time will tell if he picked the right side