Several Ideas Regarding Golf and other Excursions


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Hi, today I would like to present a few ideas I had:
  1. Allowing Spectating and Joining Mid-Game (All Excursions, including Golf) : I would like to be able to watch a game in progress, with the option to press a button to join in on the next hole during the scorecard display. I would get no score for the previous holes, but then my score and points would only count on the holes I played. Also, if a player goes AFK during a hole and the timer runs out, they should be put into Spectate mode automatically. A similar system could be put on other excursions as well.
  2. Snowball Arena Battle Royale: Like Laser Tag, but with snowballs... Basically, there's two teams, and there must be at least two players to play. The players have unlimited lives, but there's a finite number of rounds, and credits are paid based on your average score multiplied by the number of rounds played (which only includes rounds you weren't spectating). The MVP(s) on each team gets double credits, and the winning team gets double credits overall. There would be multiple arenas, ranging from simple, with basic barriers to duck behind, to complex, with multiple levels, hallways, areas of at least partial cover, and vantage points. Alternatively, there could be free-for-all, where there's no teams.
  3. Silly Sleds: Wacky Races where you play one of various courses full of any number of obstacles. You are given 5 minutes to put together a sled, selecting a body, struts, skis, and thrusters, each category involving using a native GMod prop that would fit that category, all having various attributes (weight, aerodynamic, coolness, silliness). Credits are awarded based on your placement at the finish.
  4. Junkyard Scramble: Multiple players or two teams play against each other to find random props as they come up on a display or hud of some sort. They have to shoot the prop with the remover tool (not the real one, rather, a replica) to get points and "remove" it.... but there's a penalty for shooting the wrong prop! Similar credit awarding system to Snowball Arena Battle Royale.
  5. Fowl Shoot: Multiplayer Duck Hunt. can either shoot ducks or clay pigeons (disks), can have teams or not.
  6. Beach Town: No time limit, no goal, join or leave at any time, just have fun walking on the beach, talking to NPCs, watch the waves (and your cruise ship in the distance), explore the town. Just for fun~ Time of day is same as on the ship. Perhaps fireworks at night, and the beach could run north to south so you can see sunrise and sunset over the ocean.
  7. Put boats in the Excursion bays: You know, for aesthetic purposes. Maybe even make each boat customized to the specific excursion it goes to.
  8. Seasonal Excursions?: Maybe have Snowball Arena and Silly Sleds during winter if too many excursions get added, then have season-based excursions?
These are my ideas... Thank you for taking the time to read them! Have a pleasant cruise!
I love every single one of these suggestions.
Although number 8. could be just for excursion maps, not excursions themselves (Unless a ton of excursions actually get added, Then maybe.)
7 has always been a planned feature ever since changing the area to a Marina. That's why there are boat launches there. The idea is that queued players will board the boat when it's time to set sail for the excursion, and the boat will launch prior to those players meeting with the respective excursion's loading screen. This has been described in detail in some past Dev Showcases.

I can't comment on the others.
You can technically join Mid-Game if you were in the queue prior to the Excursion starting. If you mean being able to join Excursion servers without boarding the Ship first, that's not something we're planning to do.

Minigolf's AFK stuff isn't finished yet, and it'll do something like what you described in the future, so the rest of the players can continue the game on their own.

Like Sophie said, #7 is planned.

I can't really comment on the rest, but they are interesting ideas.
These ideas are great, nice to see people are thinking of the future :)

I'm not really sure about the mid-game joining, with many games if you leave you're out. Just in real life if someone just comes up and joins your game it can ruin the experience.

The rest of the ideas are very cool.
I'm not really sure about the mid-game joining, with many games if you leave you're out.

Well... If you're in the queue when the game starts, you can the join the game at any point until it's ended, like Winter said. But just randomly joining while a game is ongoing defeats the purpose of a queuing system and would make it extremely difficult to join a game as it's starting. I can't see a lot of good coming out of that.