Sep 29, 2013


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Added 2 Achievements (Gameception, A BOMB?!), and changed 1 (True Gamer now requires 1 Hour of being with Gamer5544 in 1 Session and is now Worth 2000 Credits)
  • Added 3 Playermodels (Iron Man, Iron Patriot, and Optimus Prime) and fixed 2 Popcorn Kernels (Heaven Coin and Laughing Man Logo)
  • Slot Machines are now 2x Harder to win (Good Luck Kydo!)
  • Added a Teleporter for the VIP Lounge in case the Elevators break
  • Added AFK Kick to Piano
  • Removed Billiards completely (Suggest something to replace them!)
  • Added some nice big Red Font to the F1 Menu stating that You Will Get Banned if you queue a video against the rules
  • Fixed NULL Entity Errors with Private Theater Owners
  • Added some WIP Dailymotion Service code (Disabled currently)
  • Fixed an exploit in the YouTube Service allowing a player to get around the Blacklist and/or receive unauthorized credits
  • Highest Server Population is now a Real Statistic displayed on the Community Stats Board
  • Lottery Winners and Slot Winners will now only appear on the Winners Board once with their Highest Win
  • Added a Blink SWEP for Superadmins+
  • Top 10 Players on Gametracker will now be based on players' YTLevels
  • Fixed a minor glitch where the Cost displayed for Renting a Room was incorrect
  • Fixed a glitch where some items in the Admin Menu would not show up for Moderators
  • Fixed an issue with the Seeking Button where typing it in HH:MM:SS Format would not work