Sep 23, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Rewrote the Server Rules for clarification as well as opening up some leeway for allowed videos
  • Added 13 Playermodels, Updated another 9 Playermodels (Tda Append v2, Hatsune Miku PDDT replacement)
  • Added 7 Popcorn Kernels
  • Added 2spooky Achievement
  • Reverted Scheduled ("24/7") Rooms back to Private Theaters, due to lack of usable content
  • Player Account Data fetching/Player Initialization is now much more reliable We don't talk about that...
  • Added IP-based Alternate Account auto-banning system
  • /me is now local chat-only, whereas /gme is Global /me
  • Fixed Viooz support
  • Began work on Per-Hat Per-Playermodel Hat Placement Code (This is going to take a very long time before it's finished)
  • Fixed /kill and I Am Mad Scientist breaking ULX's Freezing system
  • /rules and the Server Rules in the Lobby now open the New Rules List
  • Fixed Video Queue Limits not being enforced when a player rejoins
  • Adjusted F1's Options Menu position so it doesn't overlay the Info on the HUD
  • Disabled [AFK System] debug code