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Sep 2, 2013

Discussion in 'Changelog' started by WinterPhoenix, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. WinterPhoenix

    WinterPhoenix Founder/Lead Developer Staff Member Founder/Lead Developer

    Dec 28, 2015
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    • Video Logs are now searchable (Thanks Comentarinformal!) and Video Entries now display if the video was removed from the Queue/if it was ever played
    • Added Voice Chat to Lobby and Parking Lot
    • Added Lobby Music from Artimage's Dimension (Will be adding more variety soon)
    • Added Community Stats 3D2D Board in the Lobby (So people can see how awesome the Community is at a glance)
    • Made the Server Room, Pool Theater, and VIP Lounge Public
    • Fixed the Time Tracking code (Finally!)
    • Added a button in the F4 Menu that will spit out all of your Stats in your Chat
    • Fixed players sometimes not getting kicked out of the VIP Lounge when their Pass Expires
    • Fixed the Lottery Timer on the Winners Board displaying the incorrect time
    • Created a "YTLevel" System for players
    • Added "No Mic Spamming" to the Rules
    • Replaced "*AFK*" in front of AFK Players in the Scoreboard with an actual AFK Icon
    • Made Rent Expiration/Post-Expire Queue Clear more obvious
    • Post-Rent Expiration Queue Clear now gives credits for the video you're watching when it's cleared
    • Fixed some exploits with the Blacklist System
    • Hopefully fixed issues with Video Queue Limiting
    • Fixed some horrifically stupid Seconds to HH:MM:SS Function issues