Sep 13, 2015


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Added support for KissAsian and KissCartoon
  • Added 14 New Achievements
  • Added Fracture AMV Low Gravity back, but per-auditorium instead of server-wide
  • Improved MySQL Active Query Tracking making Server Restart/Shutdown more reliable with saving data
  • Removed Theater Thumbnail models (per and shifted them back toward the walls
  • Improved error catching for Kiss Services regarding Missing Titles
  • Reverted the Player Filter System to the version that worked (albeit with kicking "wanted" players out of the auditorium upon Filter Mode Change)
  • Improved how some of the Rentable Theater System works
  • Replaced Credits Transfer Target Player Text Entry Box with a Dropdown List of Players
  • Improved how Theater Thumbnails handle networked variables
  • Changed all Theater Thumbnail Fonts to Ubuntu Light Bold
  • Fixed Legs not rendering due to other Cinema Servers disabling it Clientside :I
  • Fixed Slot Machines not calculating winnings should the player stand up while it's spinning
  • Specified in the Busy Baking achievement description that you can't use ALT+TAB to get it
  • The YouTube Video Service now defaults to the maximum resolution video thumbnail available without letterboxing
  • Moved RTMP Info JSON to GitHub, as it doesn't like CloudFlare's IUAM
  • Moved MOTD Banner TXT to GitHub, as it doesn't like CloudFlare's IUAM
  • Increased rendering time for Changelog Panel, as it doesn't like CloudFlare's IUAM
  • The Achievements Comparison GUI now uses Steam IDs to find player entities instead of Usernames
  • Fixed Superadmins+ not being able to play Blacklisted Videos in Exclusive Theaters
  • MySQL Database Errors now throw Lua Errors in an effort to get more attention should it happen
  • Removed support, as it was killed on August 20th
  • Added triple-checking for popcorn kernel materials in the Popcorn SWEP (the error logs were basically this, by a very far lead)
  • Fixed typo with Credit Whore Duty achievement
  • Specified you can use Q as well as F1 to request videos on the HUD