Sep 12, 2013


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Time Tracking System no longer counts the time you are AFK
  • Fixed Negative and Decimal Credit Amounts in the Credits Transfer System
  • Fixed Negative Rent Time and stuck Private Rooms as well as adding commands for Super Admins+ to reset a Theater manually in case
  • Added 5 Popcorn Kernels
  • Added Glowstick Weapons for Donators+
  • All Non-ULX Chat Commands now begin with /
  • Fixed some issues with Easter Eggs
  • Optimized Community Stats Board
  • Hopefully made Lobby Music a bit more stable as well as making it Disabled by default
  • Fixed some issues with the Lottery System
  • Fixed Moving-Up of Videos messing up the Queue Order
  • F4 Admin Menu can now be viewed in the Lobby as well as inside of Theaters
  • Pulled some updates from the Cinema codebase optimizing/fixing some issues