Reduced Sailor Purin's Ban Appeal

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Mama Purin

Steam Username: Sailor Purin

Length of Ban: 1 Week

Staff Member that Banned You: Asia-Kouhai アルジェント

Ban Reason: The video I played was marked as "Disturbing" as there was a short part of a deer getting run over; The video was a fail compiliation so I understand why this wasnt taken lightly but I haddn't been warned about this beforehand when I played it other times (at least 6) with a mod in the same room as me.

Why You Should Be Unbanned: The video I had played was played about 6 times before with a mod in the room (at different times) so I do not understand why I wasn't warned before. It didnt make sense to me why I was just now warned and was handed a ban out of nowhere when I completely thought the video was okay to play since I had played it before. I dont feel there should be a complete unban, just a reduction of it. I had as well asked others around if they thought the video was disturbing and their responses all revolved around the same answer, that those things happen in life and that it was part of the video. There was not even any sight of gore in the video.

If your Appeal is denied, you can try again in several weeks. If your ban is Permanent, please wait at least 3 Months before posting an Appeal.

If you are not staff, under no circumstances are you permitted to comment on another users ban appeal.
Hi Sailor, so first i would like to say that the video isn't Disturbing only because of the deer getting ran over, there are plenty of parts where cars actually crash in a way where people probably got seriously hurt and to be honest i don't really understand the fun of watching these kind of videos. Also it doesn't need to contain "Gore" in order to be considered "Disturbing". Before requesting any video you should be aware of its content, however there are prooves that Mods or Admins have been present when you request that video before, and the fact that they didn't warn you about it is the reason why i'm going to reduce your ban from 8 to 5 days (which might be only 2 more days of ban by now). I hope to see you on the server soon and careful with the videos you'll request in the future. ^^

Regards, TheWalker

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