RTMP Usage For Donors

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Kawaii Believe It

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I have always been one for streaming games, but I was wondering if donors could also have the usage of the RTMP? I know there are only 4 slots open from what I last was told.

Are there any future plans for allowing Donors the usage of the RTMP?
I am pretty sure non-staff can use the RTMP streaming system by requesting the use of it via hosting an event. There used to be an application you could fill out for hosting events somewhere on the old forums. I am not sure if they still do that though. And they most likely won't openly allow it without permission anyway.
True, but I at times wish some veteran donors had this ability to use or something. It would be cool to binge watch stuff with others to be able to share some good times with others.

I know we used to be able to submit events, but I mean, at times I wish I could use it over twitch.
Openly allowing it is a great way to create more work for the staff, as we'd have to moderate all the streams. And we don't want to do that, so it's not gonna happen.
We already have Twitch for streaming games and you can binge watch anime using Kissanime or cartoons with Kisscartoon and you still have Youtube after that I don't think we'd ever need to have the donors using RTMP imo
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