Rework for the map (the ones that give directions around the ship)


Currently this is what the maps around the ship look like. It doesnt give enough directions for anyone starting out especially when the only helpful thing (in my opinion atleast) is the each deck thing (the one thats below the top-down view). The top-down view in particular still doesnt make sense to me after staring at it for a good couple of minutes.

My suggestion is this:
Take a couple of notes from these pictures.


These are what real ships maps (actually deck plans but still) look like. They're easy to understand from first view and don't require that much decoding.
I think there should be a touchscreen map that you can scroll through every decks view with and it shows where everything is just like the examples i gave. If a touchscreen map would be too hard or "impossible" you can always do it on the current screen but smaller. (or like some real ships on the wall next to the stairs / elevator)
Also for the map below the top-down view thingy:
It shouldnt be just boxes floating, it should be (like the example) modeled after the ship.
I do have to admit the current design is quite confusing for a new passenger or lazy to actually go around and explore the ship, However a better navigation is not really needed until the ship has more to do. The areas are extremely easy to find and you could become familiar with the whole ship within 15-20 mins.

It would also be nice to be able to click the board and have some arrows pointing in the direction or have not so clutter directions around the ship.

Overall, a new layout is far from needed at this stage.
I think when more things are added to make areas more recognizable, the map will actually become more easy to navigate and familiarize with. With all the empty and unused space currently, the major problem is remember what empty space is where, and that's understandable to me. Decorum to keep all individual areas unique may combat this problem and I'm interested to see if it does before the map boards are changed.