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Is it a bit weird for videos featuring sexual toys (dildos) in a non-sexual manor to be banned even in exclusives if there is a dildo bat SWEP on the server? I'm not saying the SWEP should be removed, but I don't see an issue with the former as long as it's restricted to exclusives.
The SWEP is a Developer-only weapon and can only be spawned by them. It is not part of the regular content on the server, nor is it accessible to, or usable by, guests. Thus we see no issue with it.
So there is no discrepancy between sexually subjective objects being on the server and being in a video as long as only the staff can use them. Understood I suppose.
No, it is simply that if you want to find something wrong with the rules or how we moderate YukiTheater, you will. You could argue that since the game upon which this mod is based on is rated M, we should allow M rated content. You could argue that since there are gory zombies in the Outside Zombie Area, we should allow gore. You could argue that since we do X some way we should also do Y that way.

We could sit here all day long arguing over the rules if we wanted to, but simply put, we are lenient on some things and not on others, and that is how we choose to moderate things here. If you don't like how we handle moderation here, you are welcome to check out the many other Cinema servers that are more lenient or more strict depending on your preference. You are not, by any means, forced to play on YukiTheater.
I just find it weird that certain people who would, or used to, nitpick over "professionalism" on a cinema server are now running around with giant dildos, that's pretty unprofessional if you ask me.

I don't mind some inconsistencies as long as they're consistent inconsistencies (the zombies or the walking sex doll that is the Nurani playermodel), but this is a new one since I've been back.
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They only rarely ever do, as it's not given to them upon spawn, they have to spawn it manually, etc, which is why we didn't view it as an issue.

That being said, we'll reevaluate having it in if they are indeed using it more often than they should be.