'Putlocker' as a Movie Source

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Alot of people have been asking recently if it's acceptable to stream movies/films during off-days when it's not a weekend movie night. Unfortunately, as far as true films or blockbusters go, our choices have become limited over the years what with youtube having 'pay-per-view' films and the like, and while it's great to have anime/toku sites such as kissanime and kissasian (the latter which i personally threw my hat into the ring for) i think a great addition to the film source lineup would be 'Putlocker'. Now, i already feel your concerns as to wether or not this would be a viable option, what with certain films having legal aspects which wouldn't be allowable to view, like pirate modern films, however, there's a great plethora of old classics that we could pick and choose from ( i've also considered rules for exclusive videos and content, but we have theaters and mods for that sort of thing) and i think it would be an awesome way to expand the current lineup of videos on a day to day basis, especially like i've stated, for people who cant make it to movie night but would like to catch a classic. I understand that i may be asking alot, but i hope you take this simple request into consideration at least and give it some thought. i appreciate the forum, as well as winter pheonix's time on this subject and thank you for hearing me out. Happy Trails!


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We probably won't ever add support for Putlocker for the same reason why we will likely never add support for Google Drive. They both allow uploads of videos with absolutely no moderation on the site-side of things, and this leads to the potential issue that a group of people intent on breaking the rules may re-upload the same video several times under different links. This would render our Blacklist system useless for the service and increase moderation load.

That being said, if you're interested in streaming a movie for an event, you can PM me about getting YukiTheaterRTMP access.
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