Denied Pusa's Ban Appeal

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"Causing Drama, Trolling, Harassment, etc. Permanent."

Why You Should Be Unbanned
Greetings, as you may already have realized that I am not Pusa and I am infact Lil' Pudin' Taters from another Cinema Server's staff making this appeal on his behalf.

It is my understanding that Pusa has caused 3 major instances of trouble. I will discuss each of these instances below.

Firstly, Pusa has informed me that he enjoyed picking on Winter whenever he could, via a certain Anime Skeleton video. Coming from another Cinema Server's staff, I know exactly the feeling that Winter was encountering when Pusa did not stop requesting the Anime Skeleton video. Seeing the same video over and over again gets without-a-doubt annoying and stops being enjoyable after the 3rd time the video has been seen. I have told Pusa, that he must completely stop requesting the Anime Skeleton video, and all together stop video spamming, at any given time if he wishes to return to Yuki Theater.

Second problem being that Pusa has told me that Winter is "really close" to another Yuki Theater regular by the username of Sailor Purin, and Pusa had crossed Sailor the wrong way at one point which had in return, caused Winter and Sailor's relationship to encounter problems. Pusa feels very sorry for causing drama and problems between Winter and Sailor that were the result of the foolish actions he made. I have told Pusa to simply to not interfere with Sailor and Winter's personal territory at all cost in the event he becomes unbanned.

The final instance where Pusa did wrong is the past events that Pusa had with Shana. The ban appeal I made prior to this one for Kandi explains who Shana is. Pusa has also played victim to Shana, but in a different way. Pusa is far from underage, and male, therefore making him not a target of Shana. However, he was targeted by Shana because Pusa tried his best to save and protect Kandi from Shana's public doxing and onslaught of slanderous "unmentionable" images that were leaked. When Kandi, and Pusa were banned from Yuki Theater, they both tried several other servers and were constantly followed by Shana and his severe harassment, which continuously kept getting Pusa and Shana banned from every server they started to find comfort in. I'll make the same point about Pusa and Shana that I made in Kandi's ban appeal. Shana is no longer a problem on Yuki Theater because he is also permanently banned. They both have done all they can to avoid attention from Shana.

Final statements; Pusa is overwhelmingly sorry for the trouble he caused in the past with Yuki Theater and even more sorry towards Winter and Sailor. I know for a fact that Winter does not take a liking to Pusa and I'm hoping that Winter will look past that. Pusa has fully learned his lesson and will do much better in the future if he were to be unbanned.

Thank you,
Lil' Pudin' Taters

Probably wondering why I'm doing this for both Kandi and Pusa. I believe they're both good people and I don't like seeing them both upset on my server because they can't go back to the one they really enjoyed.
If a player is permanently banned from the Forums, it is supposed to indicate that their ban is non-appealable. This is the only case where a permanent ban is truly permanent and has only been done for somewhere around a dozen people. Furthermore, Ban Appeals are only valid if the player who was banned made the appeal themselves. A third-party cannot speak on their behalf nor make appeals for them.

Based on those reasons alone, I'm going to deny this appeal. However, to clarify, Pusa's ban wasn't made taking into account the Anime Skeleton spam. That was mostly just playful banter and, while annoying at times to me, even other staff members play it. Nobody actually gets banned for doing something like that.

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