Papercraft Miku


I dislike how the camera is lower and you can't hop onto anything Pls fix I am certain it is bug cuz if not then git gud pls thnk u
The skin does have its issues, cannot use slot machines, clip in tight places like running between chairs, lower jump, and need to jump to use buttons or talk to vendors.

it would be nice to have the camera raised a bit, and to have the jump height buffed a little to make it match other models.

just my 2 cents.
Problem is the camera matching the model's proper height is what causes those issues. People who use this model can always switch to a different model or a default one which are free anyway.

There are upsides and downsides to any changes.
i have ones to swap too, its just disappointing as i was really keen of the skin til i found out its limitations.
it was not that cheap either.

even just a slight tweak to the crouch jump height and it would be fine, i can just swap skins if i wanna use the slots.
the jump my main peeve, as i cant hop about madly like i do on other games :p