Ohai there!

Hello everyone! I'm Nick. I've been playing on Yuki Theater since the end of September. I really love and enjoy the server so far! There are tons of cool and interesting people on it and I met a lot of new friends on it too! I usually talk to a lot of people on it and greet a lot of people as well.

Other than being a fellow member on Yuki Theater, I am an aspiring Voice Actor / Programmer. I've started voice acting for an abridged series of an anime called "Durarara!!", which a few of my friends and I started making. Other than voice acting, I've also been developing an engine for a few small time fanmade MMORPGs, such as Project MLO (a Mario & Luigi fangame), Paper Mario Online / PMO (a Paper Mario fangame, and also a project I started), and Ocarina Memories Online / OMO (a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask fangame). This engine will probably either be in Visual Basic .net or C#. I've learned how to code back in 2010 when I started getting PMO out, but during the time I scripted in sad script (sad, I know XD), but then started working in Visual Basic 6 as the engine I used was made in it. I've really enjoyed programming ever since.

Other than that, I like to talk with my friends on skype and discord, as well as play games with them! I hope to make more friends! :D