Oct 5, 2018


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This list contains changes made to GMod Cruise Line since Jul 27, 2018.

This changelog was showcased in Dev Showcase #18 on Oct 5th!

  • Database was wiped on July 30th
    • Was reset to fix Economy/Repair old bugs
    • Player account progress was lost, but this is the only reset we intend to do

  • Added 19 New Default/Free Playermodels
    • Hostage 1-4
    • Male Medic 1-9
    • Female Medic 1-6
  • Added 1 New Setting
    • Play Chat Blip Sounds
  • Fixed having Cabin Names and certain other items having quotation marks not escaped correctly
  • Fixed New Player Joins not also being counted as Unique Player Joins
  • New/Unique Player Join tracking is now done in UTC
  • Updated Excursion queued players check to say "Excursion Marina" instead of "Excursion Plaza"
  • Added /mute, /gag, /silence, /unmute, /unsilence admin chat commands
  • Reduced default Chat Outline setting to 0 because it looks terrible on Awesomium
  • Slightly optimized GAMEMODE.HUDShouldDraw
  • Pulled in HandlePlayerDucking optimization from GMod
  • Fixed receiving an Admin Poll Vote erroring if the Poll has already finished
  • Added a hacky way to enable ` and ~ typing in the Chatbox without opening Console
  • Fixed SolAdmin Ban Mod Action window Ban Length having white text on a white background
  • SolAdmin Ban Mod Action window ban length now correctly flashes if it is empty
  • SolAdmin Modify Ban Mod Action window now changes to Days if the ban length is longer than 1440 Minutes
  • Fixed an error on the Scoreboard caused by GetGroup returning nil sometimes while a player is joining
  • Added override for DNumSlider.GetValue to use its TextArea instead of its Scratch
  • "Fixed" ItemColor MatProxies sometimes having no Vector given to it (fallback is an extremely bright red so we can see why some players run into this)
  • Adjusted SolAntiCheat Bad Modules list
  • Updated DLL.Bad description to clarify that the module must be removed to be able to join
  • Disabling purchasing of test Pistol weapon
  • Reduced Item Sale Worth to 25% of Price from 50%
  • Fixed SolAntiCheat not always correctly determining the worst-offending Report(s)
  • Slightly optimized Location.GetPlayersInLocation
  • Corrected credits on Body Pillow
  • Fixed worldspawn appearing as an error in Inventory.PendingNetworkedEntInfo
  • Added GAMEMODE.Set/GetCursor functionality
  • SolAdmin Ban lengths are now automatically rounded to the nearest minute
  • Scoreboard Settings that are Percentages now show their Defaults as Percentages
  • "[Open Beta]" in the server name instead of just "[Beta]"
  • "Reduced Player Glow" setting is now ignored during Excursions
  • Added replacement common/null.wav that's actually silent
  • Renamed "Equipment Render Distance" setting to "Render Distance"
  • Added Player Card numbers to Scoreboard

  • Adjusted Time of Day hours
    • Sunset: Now 2 hours (up from 1)
    • Nighttime: Now 6 hours (down from 8)
  • Added Events System
    • "Next Event" countdown added to Scoreboard
    • Drunken Sailors: Drink alcohol as fast as possible, die as fast as possible, and vomit on other players to make them more sober
    • Shop Sale: Everything in a random shop goes on sale for 5 to 25% off
  • Added Game Entity System
    • Eight Ball: This classic table pool game comes to GMCL!
  • Added 1 New Achievement
    • Party Time: Have 10+ people in your Cabin
  • Added 1 New Setting
    • Affect Media Audio While Drunk: Messes with audio pitch while listening to something playing by the Media System
  • Added Color/RGB setting support to Rocket Shoes
  • Clientside ragdolls no longer collide with anything but the world/static props (fixes Eight Ball griefing)
  • Added "Press E to Wake Up" to Sleep HUD
  • Fixed Stage Light lens transparency
  • Nightclub now uses the normal Stage Light/Laser Emitter entities instead of custom clientside-only ones
  • Removed roll usage from SetEyeAngles in seats' Sleep functionality to prevent getting stuck with it and instead moved it to CalcVehicleView
  • Fixed Rocket Shoes not properly ceasing activity/sound when it should in certain scenarios
  • Fixed Bowling trying to do FRAMETHROWDONE calculations when CurPlayer is invalid
  • Fixed Bowling CalcView throwing an error if the instance's BallEnt is invalid for whatever reason
  • Cabin Names no longer draw outside of the Stateroom Lobby (as apparently IsLineOfSightClear gets more expensive the farther away you are)
  • Minigames are now capable of muting the Ambient Music System if needed
  • Fixed trying to manipulate Wall Clock bones when the bones don't exist
  • Fixed trying to check into a Cabin not always correctly detecting when the player already owns a Cabin
  • Decreased the number of needed players before HUD Clouds go RGB from maxPlayers - 5 to maxPlayers - 15
  • Added support for Automatic Minigame Queue Switching
  • Improved Vomit Spray effect
  • Added a 1 in 100 chance that vomiting will make a different sound than usual
  • Fixed Alcohol Drunk Effects sometimes not resetting correctly
  • Player Chat Messages are now more specific (show what minigame they're in, if applicable)
  • /me is no longer global and is restricted to the local location group
  • Fixed PLAYER.NumNoCabinItems not being set if the player hasn't spawned anything during the current session, potentially causing Item Usage to break in various ways
  • Decreased Price for several Cabin Spawnables (props, building materials, seats)
  • Increased Sticker Paintable price from 1500 to 2000 Loot
  • Equipment no longer renders for players outside of the Minigame/Binded Entity while the local player is in a Minigame/Binded Entity
  • Re-increased max Hat/Accessory vector setting Z value to 15 units
  • Increased max Floating Chat messages distance from 700 Units to 1000 Units
  • Increased max HUD Player Info distance from 400 Units to 700 Units
  • Added partial outline to HUD Player Info
  • Disabled act commands in Minigames
  • Added Lerp In/Out for (certain) Thirdperson changes
  • Improved Dining Chair seat offsets
  • Fixed Player Glow not always drawing when the local player is being drawn
  • Added sound effect to Shop that plays when the player doesn't have enough Loot to buy an item
  • Players can now sit in Splendor Cinema's seats
  • Fixed Crosshair drawing while in certain forms of Thirdperson
  • Bowling Payout is now 3 Loot/Point (from 8 Loot/Point), but that amount is multiplied by the Number of Players in the game
  • Fixed Bowling sometimes not moving to the next frame if the current player is invalid

  • Added some damping adjustment to slow down Golf Balls 3x faster when their velocity is <2 m/s
  • Added some code to combat Golf Balls taking forever to stop while under a certain velocity
  • Payouts now do 40 - relativeToPar if 4+ Strokes instead of always being 30 beyond that point
  • Out of Strokes now awards players 20 Loot always
  • 12th Stroke now awards you 30 Loot always
  • Golf Ball Hats now adjust their angle based on ball velocity/direction
  • Fixed Score Records not always being updated
  • Moved Leaderboard Final Score calculations to Hole End for Hole 18 (hopefully less people will leave before their score is saved)
  • Hole End Flags now correctly support moving holes (but the actual hole end trigger area still stays static atm)
  • Out of Strokes now displays properly on HUD
  • Renamed "Painting By Colors" achievement to "Painting By Numbers"

Love You All! <3
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