Oct 31, 2023


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This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Jul 3, 2023.

  • Items: Added Camera (20,000 Credits at Frank)
    • The SWEP makes its return, with a new look for the Camera HUD and 3 settings:
      • Draw Default HUD: Control whether to draw the normal HUD or the Camera HUD
      • Draw Text Chat: Control chatbox/HUD announcement visibility (careful, you could miss important notifications this way!)
      • Draw Voice Chat: Control voice chat indicator visibility
  • Items: Added 6 New Cosmetics
    • Seasonal Shop (Autumn)
      • Eyeball (1,000 Credits)
      • Evil Jack-o-lantern (1,500 Credits)
      • Happy Jack-o-lantern (1,500 Credits)
      • Chef Knife (1,000 Credits)
      • Butcher Knife (1,000 Credits)
      • Skull (2,000 Credits)
  • Global: Added back Tuturu join sound effect for staff
  • Global: Added "It's That Time" easter egg
  • Items: Added "Draw Pet Name" setting to all Pets (no need for invisible character hacks)
  • Global: Gamemode now switches to YukiTheater after join, so we can show our logo/backgrounds on the main menu
  • Tombstone: Fixed drawing title from Title Projector
  • Extensions: Made it so devs can enable/disable Auto-Restarts
  • Glowstick/Popcorn Bucket: Ammo counter no longer draws on the HUD
  • Achievements: Renamed "Swept Out" to "Call Me The Sweeper"

  • Media: Added TikTok service (yes really)
  • Media: Added Kick service
  • Media: Added "Request Media from Chat" setting/feature (pasting links into chat)
  • Media: Added setting for enabling/disabling Media Hotkeys
  • Media: Updated the YouTube age restriction bypass
  • GUI: Fixed (un)equipping weapons in in the Q Inventory Menu
  • GUI: Fixed weapon holstering in the Q Inventory Menu
  • Media: Fixed GoGoAnime and Zoro services (the neverending game of cat and mouse)
  • CEF: Removed asset:// vuln check (fixed by Facepunch)

  • Settings: Added "Conserve FPS while GMod Unfocused" setting (useful to turn off for Media Fullscreen + ALT-TAB-ing)
  • Inventory: When multi-slot equipment is unequipped, filled slots are now shown before open slots instead of it depending on which slot was changed for better UX
  • Global: jpeg_quality is now set to 100 on join for maximum screenshot quality (we can handle 1MB JPEGs in 2023)
  • Global: Add color correction for GLua, since apparently colors are rendered wrong in some scenarios (Credit to https://github.com/0x00000ED)
  • GUI: Fixed JS console messages not getting forwarded with our DHTML modifications
  • Settings: Disabled Render Screen Space setting by default
  • Inventory: Improved Render Screen Space accuracy, Fixed it not affecting equipment rendering
  • Inventory: Equipment can now stop drawing based on the total pixel size of the equipment for Render Screen Space instead of using the playermodel's size
  • Networking: Adopted upstream optimizations for net.WriteTable/net.ReadTable
  • Global: Adopted upstream optimizations for ents/player iterators
  • Admin: Players now have 60 seconds to auth with Steam instead of 30 (sometimes it takes a bit)

  • Loading: Add background images for Halloween
  • Legacy Logs: Revived the old database/logs system so you can reminisce
  • Sitemap: Now generated automatically for search engines
  • Player Search API: Automatically fixup STEAM_1 Steam IDs to STEAM_0, since that's the universe we'll always have
  • Status/Media Logs/Media Queue: Fix URLs for Profiles and Thumbnails not using the canonical URL
  • Player Search API: Fix non-numeric queries

We hope you enjoy the update, and Happy Halloween! Love You! 🎃💕
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