Oct 31, 2016


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Founder/Lead Developer
  • Updated Map for Halloween (thanks MrMuffinz!)
  • Added ?????? achievement for completing the new ?????? Easter Egg
  • Question Marks in Location Names are now automatically replaced with random symbols and numbers
  • Re-enabled Halloween Generator Minigame from last year, Fixed the location of the Minigame Generator in the Private Theater Lounge
  • Re-enabled Golden Freddy Jumpscare (and its achievement) from last year
  • Re-enabled Tombstones for deaths
  • Changed Popcorn Buckets to Halloween Candy Bags
  • Made the UI Halloween themed
  • Reverted Location System back to Vanilla Cinema's system (fixing just about everything that was broken with the new system)
  • Changed Shop NPC models to Ghosts
  • Added Spooky Sounds that play every so often
  • Fixed Bass Test Entity not syncing time between players, Fixed Bass Test Entity just being totally broken clientside if spawned before they joined
Sorry it's been a while since the last update guys! We have more planned for the holidays coming up!

Love You All! <3
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