Oct 31, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Switched the server over to a Spooky version of the Map for the weekend (Thanks to An Ordinary Magician for helping!)
  • Added 2 Halloween Easter Eggs, one is time-triggered at a random interval decided upon server start (removed, it was crashing clients), and the other only happens if specific players join
  • Pressing F5 now refreshes the Theater (Same effect as F1>Options>Refresh)
  • Auditorium Owners now have a button that allows them to move any video to the top of the queue with 1 click
  • JavaScript auto-quality adjustment is now done based on ranges instead of exact values to better accommodate "unexpected" resolutions (Those not in the Dropdown List in F1>Options)
  • Fixed Layout issues with the Video Control Buttons in the Queue Menu