Oct 30, 2015


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Updated Map for Halloween (Thanks goes to Mr. Muffinz (New Mapper) and the rest of the Dev Team!)
  • Added Awesome Halloween Minigame where winning results in a Credits Boost and an Achievement!
  • [10/6] Added Golden Freddy Slay Mechanic and Achievement
  • [10/6] Changed Players' Death models to Tombstones for Halloween
  • Changed the Popcorn Bucket SWEP to a Trick or Treat Bag for Halloween
  • [10/10] Changed HUD stuff to be Halloween-Themed
  • Made Theater Thumbnails clip through the wall for Halloween
  • [10/18] Fixed Kazotsky Kick Lua Error Spam (18000+ Entries)
  • [10/18] Fixed Kazotsky Kick being audible in Theaters
  • [10/20] Added Mute/Unmute All Button to Scoreboard (only non-staff)
  • Capped Theater Queues to 150 Videos
  • Added "She's Not Even a Locamotive Yet!" Achievement
  • Added "Thanks from Muffinz" Achievement
  • [10/18] Battery Percentage is now represented in color for the Top Left HUD for laptop users
  • [10/11] Made Join Sounds more reliable
  • [10/11] Added Join Sound for Flohican LeyLey
  • [10/18] Exempted YukiTheater RTMP Service from Vote Skipping and 5 Minute Video Cooldown
  • [10/18] Added Confirmation Windows to Theater Reset Commands (SA+)
  • Fixed Fedora Hat size on Chibi Miku
  • [10/20] Fixed Player Count on Scoreboard not properly resizing correctly