Oct 30, 2013


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Lowered Popcorn Fire Time for all Ranks
  • Possibly fixed the GetShootPos() Error (Again)
  • Made the "Like this server?" Advert not appear to anyone with at least 24 Hours of Playtime
  • Made the code Tower of Terror Map-Compatible
  • Fixed the Community Stats Board spitting out Junk
  • Lowered time to mark a player AFK from 15 Minutes to 10
  • Made anything to do with Credit Giving/Setting/Transferring refuse to work if it's a Negative Number/String
  • Added a fix for the Unlimited VIP glitch resulting after server restarts
  • Added a Notification for players that are not Fully Init telling them to Rejoin
  • Increased Maximum Title Length from 50 to 75
  • Possibly fixed the Taking-Other-Players'-Titles Glitch
  • Redesigned the Rules Panel in the Lobby
  • Updated Rules Page
  • Video Logging System now specifies how a video was removed from the Queue/Skipped
  • Loading Page now shows the player's Last Seen Date on the Server