Oct 17, 2017


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This list contains changes made to GMod Cruise Line since Sep 22, 2017.

  • Changed ServerStats.PlayerCount.Joins to only log Ship Joins
  • Added Stat Tracking for Current Players in each server
  • Added Equipment Render Distance setting (thanks -Morty!)
  • Added "Mute All Game Audio" setting
  • Cubes particle effect now reacts to voice chat
  • Fixed using the Skeleton model causing players to be unable join due to a missing setting
  • Cubes particle effect can now handle when the player is sitting
  • Fixed players other than Legacy Donators getting Snow particle effect during first join (not retroactive)
  • Added a surface.DrawText override that attempts to break localization garbage
  • Fixed Permabanned players incorrectly being unbanned the next time Admin.CheckActiveBans is run
  • Fixed Floating Chat Bubbles not being cleaned up if the player disconnects while typing
  • Renamed "Ban ID" to "Log ID" in SolAdmin's Ban GUI
  • Added a potential fix for missing Donator achievements
  • Console.Error now logs the error using the ErrorLog system
  • Fixed Scoreboard errors when InitParallelClient hasn't run yet
  • Fixed Scoreboard errors when Achievements haven't been downloaded yet
  • Added a catch for when the initial Inventory.NetworkInventory is never delivered
  • Fixed handling of situations where client in first person by PostPlayerDraw is being run (mirrors, mostly)
  • Added default info to scoreboard setting tooltips
  • Added automatic rejoin on resolution change
  • Fixed Equipment not destroying itself when the player dies

  • Updated Ship Map to Build #11
    • Disabled Nighttime Ship Map until lighting is properly implemented
    • Moved/Renamed Excursions Plaza to Excursions Marina (thanks CrossBoy for the idea!)
    • Fixed missing $bumpmaps causing reflection errors
    • Renamed Port/Starboard Balconies to Port/Starboard Promenades
    • Implemented custom ocean water reflections (solves optimization/poor water rendering issues)
    • Fixed broken outer doors in Bowling Alley
    • Added New Cabin Interiors
    • Added new Bowling Alley detail
    • Fixed several places where Watermelon Pets could get into blocked off areas
  • Moved Particle Shop NPC to Cosmetic Shuffle
  • Fixed several issues with Bowling that prevented it from being playable (thanks Kris!)
  • Added colorable support to Doormat
  • Reduced Cabin Spawnables' RGB Speed max from 256 to 90
  • Replaced Blox Skin setting with Colorable functionality
  • Being Drunk now alters the Playback Rate of Ambience up to 25%
  • Fixed spawning items outside of Cabins and then using them not reducing the player's number of spawned items (thanks TheEpicYnot!)
  • Added "Disable Paintable Animations" setting
  • Added setting for muting Media Audio while GMod is unfocused
  • Added Colorable functionality to Pillow
  • Added TickTockSoundEnabled setting and Tick Tock sounds to Wall Clock
  • Fixed Media Vote Skipping not actually working
  • Fixed thirdperson view while sitting clipping through various objects and props
  • Improved reliability of Spawnable Ownership Networking
  • Fixed Bowling entities being able to be picked up by Phys/Grav Guns
  • Fixed Watermelon Pet sometimes trying to draw its Name when its Owner is Invalid
  • Fixed mis-labeled Move Right/Move Backward Ship Controls
  • Fixed collisions for Ceiling Fan 1
  • Fixed alcohol vomit effect sometimes causing errors
  • Fixed incorrect render orders for Excursion/Minigame Coordinator Panels
  • Increased volume of Outside Ocean Ambience
  • Fixed all Game Coordinators using the same Queued/Active Players tables
  • Fixed Legacy Donators showing up as Passengers on HUD Info
  • Slightly lowered the volume of Announcer lines in Bowling
  • Added Animated Paintable Limit
  • Implemented proper entity for Colorable items
  • Implemented a bunch of things to improve reliability of Paintable image loading
  • Added player avatar to the Player Interact Menu
  • Fixed Inventory Menu scrolling while rotating Spawn Previews
  • Fixed Inventory Menu drawing Pos, Ang, and Rotation text underneath the original item button as well as the one being dragged

  • Re-added Coloring support for Golf Ball
  • Disabled Island map until it's properly completed
  • Fixed GetPlayerGolfBall not existing serverside (should fix Achievement Effects)
  • Fixed "Unsupported Hat" error being shown to everyone
  • Fixed incorrect handling of Scores for Holes a given player wasn't present for
  • Fixed PlayerHoleDone not running correctly clientside if the player is invalid

Thank you everyone participating in the Beta, suggesting features, and reporting bugs! <3
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