Nyanpasu~ (●▽●)ノ I'm Sushi☆!

Hello everyone! My names Sushi☆! (Previously, my name was Lye-lye, so if you remember that weirdo, I'm that weirdo. XD) Sushi☆ is short for SunsetsAndSushi, so yeah. :p

I love playing video games! I like Garry's Mod, Super Smash Bros. and the Legend of Zelda series is my favorite!

I also really love watching cartoons and anime! If you have any show recommendations, feel free to tell me!
Here's my anime list! :D

I like drawing, which I've been doing since like 2nd grade. I need to do it more often though. >.<

I love music and some of my favorite instruments to play are guitar, (both acoustic and electric,) violin, and ukulele! I also love creating my own music, so if you're interested in what I've made, this is my SoundCloud page: https://soundcloud.com/sunsets-and-sushi

So yeah! That's the main stuff about me. I hope to see you on YukiTheater! Keep being awesome! ;3
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I would love to say TL;DR, but I have read it all. <3

Hello :cool: enjoy the forums and see you in game. I am currently learning Japanese, so if you ever have any questions ask away.
Haha, well in my opinion, it's not really an introduction if you just say what your name is, because anyone can see that by simply reading your name! XD So I thought I'd talk a little bit about myself. :) Thanks for reading!
Hey, most of your interests line up with mine! What would be even better is if you had Fire Emblem Fates.
Cool! I actually just got my 3DS for Christmas, so I only have 2 games so far. (Smash Bros. and Yo-Kai Watch) If I get the chance though, I'll totally get it.