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Nov 9, 2018

Discussion in 'Changelog' started by WinterPhoenix96, Nov 11, 2018.

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    Dec 28, 2015
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    This list contains changes made to GMod Cruise Line since Oct 5, 2018.

    This changelog was showcased in Dev Showcase #19 on Nov 9th!

    • Added Legacy Donator tags to Player Cards
    • Added Leaderboards for Playtime, Ship: Bowling, Ship: Time Spent Drunk, Minigolf: Backyard, Minigolf: Frosty, and Minigolf: Heck

    • Added 29 New Hats
      • Afro
      • Cappy
      • Cappy (Mario Hat)
      • Captain Hat
      • Chef Hat
      • Cowboy Hat
      • Cubone Head
      • Dry Bones Skull
      • Food Vendor Hat
      • Ghoul Head
      • Hockey Mask
      • Hotdog Cap
      • King Koopa Top Hat
      • Lucina Mask
      • Midna Helmet
      • Phanto Mask
      • Puffy Cap
      • Safari Hat
      • Sailor Cap
      • Servbot Head
      • Shy Guy Mask
      • Snowmann Hat
      • Sombrero
      • Spooktacles
      • Straw Hat
      • Treasure Hat
      • Turtle Plush
      • Waluigi Cap
      • Wario Cap
    • Updated Mario and Luigi Hats with new models from Super Mario Odyssey
    • Renamed "Mario Hat" and "Luigi Hat" to "Mario Cap" and "Luigi Cap"
    • Fixed Equipping a Playermodel sometimes not applying the correct Settings to that Playermodel
    • Reduced Aviators price from 5,000 Loot to 3,000 Loot
    • SolAdmin Ban System no longer relies on SRCDS's built-in ban system and instead uses Kicks on player connect
    • Being banned from GMCL will no longer say "You have been banned from this server" and instead will give you the real ban reason
    • Fixed unbanning permanently banned players not actually working due to a rounding error
    • Improved SolAntiCheat security
    • Added Mongolian Free Variation Selector characters to SolAdmin Bad Characters list
    • Optimized Equipment should-draw logic
    • Hats and Accessories now take into account current playermodel size and applicable bone sizes
    • Fixed Binded Entities preventing Equipment from being drawn when it shouldn't in some instances
    • Fixed Equipment drawing handling while in Excursions
    • Increased size of HUD Notifications
    • Moved HUD Notifications and the Voice Chat HUD up to accommodate the Ship's Weapon Ammo HUD
    • Shrunk the size of Voice Chat HUD panels and Increased player name size
    • Clicking on a player's avatar in the Scoreboard will now show a menu with some different options instead of just opening their Steam Profile
    • Adjusted ranges for Scoreboard Ping bars
    • Fixed handling of non-existent ConVar info in Scoreboard Settings

    • Added 1 New Pet
      • Koopa Pet (12,500 Loot)
        • Your favorite turtle from the Super Mario universe joins us in GMCL!
    • Added Elixir Support
      • Magical drinks that can do things like shrink you, Make your spine shorter, Make your neck longer like a giraffe, etc
      • Each last an hour; persist even if you leave the Ship during that hour and come back
      • Reset Elixirs can be drunk to immediately reset Elixir effects
    • Added 4 Elixir Machines to Atrium
    • Added 12 Elixirs
      • Big Head (200 Loot)
      • Long Spine (200 Loot)
      • Paper Head (200 Loot)
      • Paperify (200 Loot)
      • Reset (200 Loot)
      • Short Spine (200 Loot)
      • Size x0.25 (200 Loot)
      • Size x0.5 (200 Loot)
      • Small Head (200 Loot)
      • Sticc (200 Loot)
      • Thicc (200 Loot)
      • Torpedo Head (200 Loot)
    • Added Elixir Offset support to Seats
    • Clientside Ragdolls now pull Bone info from their entity too
    • Fixed Rocket Shoes not supporting different playermodel scales correctly
    • Fixed Player Customization Menu not supporting different playermodel scales correctly
    • Fixed Vehicle CalcView not supporting different playermodel scales correctly
    • Fixed Thirdperson not supporting different playermodel scales correctly
    • Added 1 New Weapon
      • Confetti Shooter (1,000 Loot)
        • First of many Weapons; will have a Shop NPC for them soon
    • Improved/Fixed Weapon Support
      • Added "Holster" functionality
      • Added support for tracking number of uses
      • Added Weapon tag to Weapon Items in Inventory Menu
      • Fixed Inventory Menu trying to use SpawnPreview for Weapons
      • Thirdperson Zoom Binding now always prevents the Default Weapon Wheel from appearing, even when it shouldn't change Thirdperson Zoom
      • Fixed being able to Switch Weapons in Drunken Sailors
    • Added 4 New Cabin Items
      • Bar Stool 2 (3,500 Loot)
      • Bar Table (4,000 Loot)
      • Modern Bed (15,000 Loot)
      • Standing HDTV (12,500 Loot)
    • Added "Paintable" and "Colorable" descriptions to all applicable Items
    • Fixed Wall-Mounted TV missing Colorable settings (even though the model is still semi-broken)
    • Lowered Price of Bar Stool 1 from 3,500 Loot to 2,500 Loot
    • Renamed "Bar Stool" item to "Bar Stool 1"
    • Fixed Loot Effects sometimes not using the Shop you're talking to
    • Added 2 New Settings
      • Owner-Only Item Usage: Prevents other players from using Items you place down like Alcohol and Elixirs, if enabled
      • Thirdperson Freeze Distance: Adjusts the Thirdperson Freeze Camera (Right Click) distance from your playermodel
    • Removed "Reduced" setting from Draw Player Glow (too buggy)
    • Draw Player Glow is now on by default if the client is pulling at least 125FPS when they join for the first time
    • Added IgnoreZ to Player Glows to hopefully fix the jigglebone glitch (it did, but introduced a player glow "flickering" bug; hopefully we can fix it soon)
    • Added 11 New Ambient Music Songs
      • 1 for Bowling Alley
      • 4 for Daytime
      • 2 for Sunset
      • 3 for Nighttime
    • Minigame/Event Changes
      • Fixed Bowling not always moving to a player that hasn't gone for the current frame after a player leaves the game
      • Bowling now resets everything on the client upon game reset
      • Fixed Drunken Sailors using way more networking bandwidth that it should've been
    • Game Entity/Eight Ball Changes
      • Added "Quit Game" button to Game Entities' Q Menu (Eight Ball)
      • Added "Waiting for X More Players" 3D2D Text to Game Entities (Eight Ball)
      • Game Entities now stop on the client when they're told to and Added "Game has ended because not enough players" message to Game Entities
      • Added check for validity of Cue Ball in Eight Ball before attempting to do the Initial Hit
      • Made Eight Ball also check for validity of Rack and Cue before attempting to draw them
      • Fixed Eight Ball Camera when the Cue Ball isn't valid
      • Fixed SolidPlayer not being reset serverside in Eight Ball after the game is reset
    • Added Halloween and Holiday Ship GUI Themes
    • Made Bottom Left HUD non-transparent
    • Moved several HUDPaint hooks to HUDPaintBackground
    • Fixed Thirdperson-relevant text/etc not orienting themselves correctly while in the Player Customization Menu
    • Fixed Beckon act command showing up as "Becon" because that's how GMod spells it for some reason
    • Fixed not incorrectly tracking the Number of Condors statistic
    • Added Hat Offsets for all 31 Hats in this Update (29 New + 2 Updated)

    Thank you everyone that enjoyed our work this month! Love You All! <3
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    Well done peeps.
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