Nov 25, 2020


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This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Aug 11, 2020.

  • Added super beta VRMod support
  • Updated Map to v2 RC3
    • MrMuffinz has brought us yet another update to the v2 map!
    • A new breed of Zombies now roams the Outside areas under a red-coated sky. Is this an eclipse, or something else?
    • E1M1, a place old but not yet forgotten, has appeared. Stained in blood at it's entrance, "We're all doomed."
    • Log Hell has returned with a verdict. "Guilty!" they exclaim.
    • Added 8 More Private Theaters and 1 New Secret Theater for a total of 30 Theaters!
    • Added Chill Area to Private Theater area
    • There's fish now, but...they're all bones!
  • Added 2 New Achievements
    • The Yuki Anomaly (500 Credits): No salvation, only DOOM
    • The Council Has Judged Your Crimes (250 Credits): Guilty
  • Fixed AnimeKisa, AnimeTwist, GoGoAnime, and Hulu services not loading properly
  • Fixed GoGoAnime not working at all since they changed the domain
  • Added Ad-Destroyer to AnimeTwist and various Sub-Services
  • Turned on "Spooky November" theming
  • Added New Ambience for "Spooky November" in Lobby and Outside
  • Added Ambience to the Lobby proper
  • The Sewer Door now automatically closes after 4 hours to allow players more chances to earn "I am the keymaster"
  • Beach Balls are now in the Festering Biomass
  • Lowered CurTime Auto-Restart from every 48 hours to every 36 hours
  • Increased Melon Dispenser cooldown (so Skips stops making the server lag everytime it restarts)
  • Death Tombstones now inherit their player's velocity at the time of death
  • Fixed hitting dead players with Snowballs giving you 25 Credits for each (dead) hit
  • Snowball Throwers are no longer enabled in b e a n
  • Old Ruins: Rooftop now uses the same ambience as Manga Shop: Roof
  • Improved JavaScript reliability when run on the Theater Panel
  • Fixed Auto-Rejoin handling caused by the new Connect Prompt
  • Improved Chill Area Radio stability
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We're also still hard at work on Project Olympus, so keep an eye out for progress on that!

Have a Happy Hallo- I mean Spooky November everyone! Love You All! <3
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