Nov 25, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Added Developer and Power Donator Ranks and all the support needed for them
  • Added Progress Bars for Videos to the Theater Thumbnails
  • Recompiled Pokemon Trainers, Rin, Marisa. Pii-chan, Alice, and Tekken Kuma resolving any issues with them
  • Greatly increased all ranks' Popcorn Throw Rates and decreased timeouts
  • Lua Error Logging System now logs MySQL Errors
  • The Server Time on the HUD now actually displays the Server Time (sorta...It's a WIP)
  • All Players now have the total amount they've donated over time in their Accounts and their Donator Rank is now determined upon this (Some players seem to be missing some data! Notify me if you see the error notification!)
  • The Donation Info Panel in the Lobby now switches between the 2 tiers' info every 15 seconds
  • The Restart Command now has more relaxed timing and freezes players when they respawn
  • Simplified the code for Shop Item Tier Calculations
  • Added a new console command for updating players' donation totals
  • Fixed Giant Dad's Textures
  • Fixed using hats with Kanade Tachibana equipped spamming errors