Denied NotHayate Ban Appeal

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Username: NotHayate

Length of Ban: Permanently

Staff Member Who Banned: Unknown

Ban Reason: EarRape and Animal Slaughter

Why Be Unbanned:
I've been on YukiTheater for not a "long" but a relatively decent chunk of hours. The reason I was banned was for linking two videos that were both EarRape and I'm aware that they were, but one of the two videos had a small segment (not even a full second) of animal slaughter that in my opinion wasn't gruesome or extremely violent as it didn't include any blood or gore. Also despite being banned, neither of these videos were even played as they got blacklisted before they had started. Another thing was there wasn't any people except for friends that I was "memeing" with inside the theater with me, so they were warned before I linked the videos to turn their volume down.

If I did get unbanned it would be greatly appreciated by me. I would also swear by my word to also look through the videos before I link them to search for earrape and also any other reasons that videos are blacklisted.

Thank you for considering this ban appeal
Your ban was carried out by me so I will be taking care of your appeal.
Your ban reason is as follows:

Ear Rape:
Ear Rape, Animal Slaughter:

I will tell you straight away, this appeal is denied. You did not follow the rules of the template and wait 3 months before making your appeal. Regardless of what I say after this, you will be denied due to this.

The first video you queued was promptly removed and you were issued a warning to avoid queuing ear rape. Minutes later, you proceeded to queue not only ear rape, but also the bit of animal slaughter as well. Regardless of how short the clip featuring animal slaughter, it is punishable with a permanent ban. The videos being removed is irrelevant. You queue the video, you are liable to be punished for it, even if it was you that removed it. You have also been around the server for nearly a year now. You should be well aware of what is and isn't allowed. The fact that you queued the video only with your friends around in a private room and warned them about the ear rape is also irrelevant. These types of videos are not allowed. Period.

To summarize, you are automatically denied due to not waiting 3 months. You are also denied due to what you queued and the fact that you've been around long enough to know better. Feel free to wait your 3 months out and try again. Until then...

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