Name His Moveset

Kasane Teto

Hi. In this thread, we name the moveset for a Boss for a videogame. A moveset is the set of abilities that a character in a video game has.

1: You must name at least 3 Moves that the character has.
2: You name the moveset for the image ABOVE you, not for your own.
3: The new boss you present must NOT be a boss in an existing video game.
4(OPTIONAL): You may create a new name for a character with an existing name.

Post 1:
Example Character 1.jpg
Post 2:
Name: Character 1's Name
Move 1: Example Move for Character 1
Move 2: Example Move for Character 1
Move 3: Example Move for Character 1
Character 2.jpg

Etc., Etc.

I'll get us started with the first character.