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Okay so the movie i was originally going to try to stream has been found on kissanime. Go figure. SO now until i figure out how to find a good medium for my OBS streaming situation (because i have 3 other movies i want to stream to you guys) in place of one movie, i would like to request an announcement event for Kingsglaive FFXV movie night if I can.
This movie is near and dear to me and i would like to be the first to publicly post it. Possibly Tonight if you could create an announcement for it at 6pm ish


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We did the movie night and had a good amount of people show up. Thanks for the suggestion Keero!
Gotta say, I really enjoyed the movie too.
yeahhh \ooo//// dont worry i got another movie we can do. The other 3 movies i originally had in mind, however needs to be streamed from me and its uhh still tryin to figure OBS out and get the right medium...
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