May 7, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Moved ALT+TAB AFK System almost entirely Clientside
  • Server Time is now sent once when a Player Joins and is now calculated Clientside
  • Fixed up and optimized the Join/Leave Notifications
  • Moved almost everything that was using the Usermessage library to the Net library
  • Delayed Slot Machine Jackpot check rate from 112 times/second to once every 2 seconds (Think Functions...)
  • Moved TimeSpent, ZombieKills, and Video tracking variables from Networked Variables to Regular Variables
  • Player Zombie Kills are now updated every 30 seconds instead of 10
  • Added some Achievement-table checking code Clientside incase the table isn't available (should fix achievements table error in Adverts)
  • Heavily optimized Changelog Rendering Timer (ents.FindInBox() is no more and it doesn't update the NWBool unless it changed)
  • Moved legthToLengthString functions to a handy global extension
  • Commented out all Holiday Code as the Timers were still running and using CPU Time
  • Properly coded Hiding Credits and optimized it (How did it even work before?)
  • Fixed Playermodel and Hat Models Pre-caching
  • PlayerLevel now only updates if it changed (NWInt)
  • Added NWInt to Thumbnail Entities and moved Remaining Rent Time calculation Clientside (Removed TimeRemaining NWString)
  • Intermission Time in Anime Room is now rounded
  • Disabled Fracture AMV Low Gravity
  • Moved relevant functions from PlayerDisconnected Hook to EntityRemoved