May 29, 2013


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Fixed a bug allowing a player to have unlimited VIP if they were in the VIP Lounge when their pass expired
  • Added Donator Information Panel to the Lobby
  • Added /donate, /steamgroup, and /website Chat Commands that open Webpages in the Steam Overlay
  • Added /thirdperson Chat Command (Finally...)
  • Added support for GMod's Default Playermodels in the Inventory System
  • Cleaned up the Playermodel Inventory Menu a bit
  • Superadmins+ now emit a sound when they join (Because why not?)
  • Cleaned up the resource.AddFile code and made it more intuitive
  • Added Waffles to the AFK Notification (It was requested and I thought it was creative, so why not?)
  • Added 7 new Popcorn Kernels to the Shop
  • Fixed? Steam Workshop Content Pack issues
  • Added 4 Easter Eggs (Hint: Say stuff from different Anime in chat. Have fun finding them!)
  • Added /stopsound Chat Command to stop any Easter Egg Music that is currently playing
  • Tweaked the Changelog Panel a bit to fix problems with large Changelog Posts (Ex. This One)
  • The current video playing in every Theater Room is now displayed on the Website and the Front-Page of the Forums
  • Deleted and Re-uploaded all of the Content on the Legacy FastDL to tidy it up a bit